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SafeSpot makes events safe

After being postponed for a year, the Championships kicked off January 12 2022

For the first time ever, the world´s best para athletes are all gathered to compete within alpine skiing, cross-country, biathlon, and snowboard at Lillehammer, Norway. 42 participating nations and 300 athletes are competing. In addition, there are 1 600 other participants: volunteers, support staff, and administration. 


All of these people are subject to protocols for testing, infection control, and access control, and this is handled by SafeSpot. 

"There are two factors crucial for organizing this event: The effort and dedication of all the volunteers, and the technical solutions enabling us to handle the pandemic responsibly." 

Erik Røste, President of the Norwegian Ski Association

The SafeSpot solution for the World Championship includes functions for access control and administration of different access zones, participant limitations, check in and check out of participants and integration towards an accreditation system.

The system also registers reports and tests for athletes, support team, and others according to the requirements and protocols from the IPC and national authorities.

For the World Para Snow Sports Championships, SafeSpot has also established an integration to FIS' data. Through this integration, SafeSpot obtains vaccination and test passes for athletes and team support.

The SafeSpot Event solution


Make your event safe from start to finish

  • Set up and administration of different access zones

  • Access control and limit control of guests and participants

  • Check in and check out of participants

  • System for compliance with existing infection control measures through testing and test registration in testing stations

  • Infection tracing in different zones and locations

  • Verification of users and Covid-19 certificate

  • Functions for alerts, including reminders of test completion and reports, information of results and alerts of test results

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